Hey Reader,

As I read this article I thought about you and everyone else in the recovery community. I just knew I had to share this so that you could have a chance to read it and get take aways too!

This article is by Jose Briones someone I discovered about 2 years ago now. He has his Youtube Channel where he goes into all the dumbphones on the market.

He also wrote a book recently on Digital Minimalism (amazing, btw!) and I'm subscribed to his newsletter and when I read this one, I just knew I had to share it with the recovery community!

It's so relatable and completely accurate of how recovery goes - you must take action! You must get creative and try new things to get results.

Hope you enjoyed the spontaneous Recovery Opportunity!

Warm regards,

Savvy Esposito

P.S. because technology plays a huge role in porn addiction recovery, the best dumbphones for recovery are The Light Phone II and Sunbeam's F1. Well worth the investment if you're detoxing from porn and social media and want to reclaim your time and life back!

My husband, Jak, owns a Light Phone II and loves it! I like to play with it from time to time and enjoy the e-ink screen.

Personally, I have a TCL Flip 2 (unfortunately it has internet access so not exactly the most recovery friendly for early on - but if you're a betrayed partner and want a phone that helps you detox from tech, it's $20). The new Sunbeam F1 Pro user version is being released this month, so it's worth checking out! I know it's on my Christmas list this year!!

P.P.S. for any parents wanting their kids to have a phone without the porn, social media, bullying online, etc. I highly recommend the Sunbeam F1 for kids.

Savvy Esposito

Savannah is passionate about helping engaged and married couples struggling with trust, communication, sexual intimacy, intimacy anorexia, sexual addiction, and betrayal trauma achieve the healthy, connected, and loving marriage they’ve always dreamed of.

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