In college I did a study on cheating and discovered 43 types of behaviors people define as cheating in their monogamous relationship/marriage.

With this PDF bullet proof your relationship/marriage from cheating by simply knowing each other's definitions and ultimately respecting each other's definitions!

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    Download PDF

    Download the PDF and print two

    copies and get a pen or highlighter

    so you can mark off which behaviors

    you count as cheating.

    Go to separate rooms

    Once you each have your copies,

    go to separate rooms so you can

    have privacy when checking off

    the behaviors you count as

    cheating, betrayal, not okay

    in your relationship or marriage

    Trade & Discuss

    Once you each have completed

    your lists, come back together

    and trade your lists.

    You each might be surprised by

    the behaviors you find to be


    Once you have each processed

    it's time to accept each other's

    definitions of cheating, make sure

    you own up to anything you've done

    in the past, and promise to not do it

    in the future.